Seven Tips for Digital Marketing Success

The digital landscape is constantly evolving. That alone can cause many marketers to lose sleep and lose sight of what it is they are trying to achieve, especially when high expectations are met with limited budgets. That can cause many marketers to resort to unsustainable, short-term wins rather than focusing on long-term growth and impact.

Our experience is that the digital marketer who makes all the right impressions usually is disciplined and applies a handful of core considerations. This focus is critical, considering there always will be something touted as new, next or better to drive results with your audience.

Here you’ll find seven digital marketing considerations we return to regularly, adjust accordingly, and weigh against new and ongoing marketing initiatives impartially – all in an effort to continuously improve our results.

  1. Cross-pollinate your marketing. Connecting digital with other marketing and communication disciplines is paramount. It’s time to leave the silos in decades past and move forward with a truly integrated approach.
  1. Test. Iterate. And move on. Digital marketing technology expands and evolves so quickly. Organizations that succeed in digital are those willing to advance through constant testing and iteration. There is little room for fear of failure.
  1. Targeting practice. The impact of a marketing message increasingly depends on the effectiveness of its targeting. New opportunities to further qualify audiences have arisen in PPC, display and social media, but do not underestimate the power of effective CRM and email to turn prospects into clients.
  1. Make sure it’s measurable. The temptation to play in new digital spaces can cause some to overlook the all-important ROI. Set your goals and design a digital strategy that can be both measured against those goals and attributed appropriately.
  1. Simplicity is key. Overcomplicating the message, creative or end-user experience can lead to confusion, frustration and often-quick abandonment. Further, few if any companies have unlimited funds for digital marketing. Prioritization of opportunities within the budget is critical. It is better to be best at a few initiatives than average at many.
  1. Contextualize and visualize the message. We live in a mobile world and therefore must adopt a mobile-first mentality as we create digital platforms and content. The meteoric rise of Instagram, Snapchat and others tells us that visuals are the preferred format of communication among the younger generations who have grown up mobile. Businesses will do well by allowing visuals to “do the talking.”
  1. SERP matters. Search engine page one real estate is more valuable than ever. It is important to analyze the makeup of the SERP (search engine results page) for your target keywords (paid, organic, local, social, etc.) and identify opportunities for your company to be visible.

About the Author: Mac Joseph is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Paul Werth Associates. Mac joined Paul Werth Associates in February 2016 to lead the growing Digital Marketing practice area. Before joining Werth, Mac spent more than seven years at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s New York City corporate office where he most recently served as Director of E-Marketing & Social Media for the brand and collection of luxury hotels worldwide. Prior to Mandarin Oriental, Mac worked with global strategic marketing and corporate communications at Sotheby’s art auction house. Mac has a B.A. in Economics and History of Art from the University of Pennsylvania.

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