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AMA Columbus VP of Sponsorship

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The VP, Sponsorship is responsible for leading the process to identify Chapter needs that may be supported by corporate sponsorships, and coordinating programs to involve the business community in Chapter affairs. This individual is in charge of procuring both cash and in-kind sponsorships for the Chapter as well as performing all the duties specified in the Bylaws or those approved by the Board of Directors. The VP ensures that the sponsorship committee professionally handles the following responsibilities.


  • Develop Annual Sponsorship Plan with clear levels of sponsorship and benefits noted.
  • Develop prospect lists for both cash and in-kind sponsorship with the assistance of committee members and other board members.
  • Create or update sponsorship sell sheets with levels and benefits clearly noted for chapter use.
    • All board members are asked to source potential sponsorships
    • VPs of Programming and Membership are critical in supporting the VP, Sponsorship to source potential sponsors due to their roles.
  • Track cash and in-kind sponsorships generated; report on monthly scorecard.
    • Apply estimated value of in-kind sponsorships when appropriate
  • Reach out to current sponsors to renew the following year prior to end of chapter year.
  • Secure cash and in-kind sponsorships to subsidize chapter operating budget:
    • Speaker Sponsors for relevant programming/speaker partnership
    • Luncheon Sponsors for added value to meeting attendees
    • Special Event sponsors (AIM)
    • In-Kind sponsorships for operational needs (e.g., venues, food/beverage, printing, postage, promotional items, ad placement, etc.).
  • Ensure timely delivery of benefits to sponsors:
    • Create or update contracts; get signed by President and sponsor; upload to drive for recordkeeping.
    • Get print and web logo, website address and social media handles from sponsor; provide to VP, Content & Communications and VP, Technology for promotion.
    • Communicate regularly to the board regarding sponsors and outline sponsor agreement details so all VPs are aware of needs and expectations.
    • Ensure VP, Content and Communications and VP, Technology understands what has been agreed to regarding promotion, i.e. frequency, logo representation, channel, etc.
    • Ensure Chapter Administrator is aware of sponsor benefits at luncheons: i.e., table for outreach, signage, how many tickets sponsors should receive, etc.
    • Ensure VP, Programming is aware of any benefit that impacts the programming portion of the luncheon (recognition from podium; on rotating PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Create, administer and report results of Sponsors Survey taken at the end of the year.
  • Maintain a Master Sponsorship spreadsheet and share with board.
    • Include contact information and length of contract plus any pertinent details.
    • This document will be used for Chapter Excellence Awards submission.
  • Maintain ongoing relationships with sponsors and ensure chapter and sponsor agreement details are met:
    • Remind sponsors of their benefits and upcoming events or programs they are sponsoring; invite them to other upcoming events.
    • Share event statistics with sponsors.
    • Develop and execute a plan to acknowledge partners/sponsors and send regular thank you letters to supporting organizations.
    • Monitor sponsor support to avoid conflicts of interest and make sure all Chapter obligations to partners/sponsors are met.
  • Complete Sponsorship section of the Chapter Excellence Awards 2 weeks prior to submittal deadline.


  • 2-3 hours per week.
  • Attend monthly programs to source potential sponsors.
  • Attend monthly board meetings.
  • Provide monthly board reports and complete chapter scorecard metrics.


  • Active AMA Columbus Chapter membership (required).
  • Sales experience preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills.
  • Successful track record of building, motivating and managing a committee.
  • Ability to work cross-functionally, coordinating across a large, dynamic organization with multiple board members and committees.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more, please reach us here.