1 How do I join?

You can join online at www.jointheama.com or call the AMA Support Center at 800-262-1150.

2 Can I join only the local AMA Columbus chapter?

No, you must be a member of the national organization in order to become a member of the Columbus chapter.

3 Does AMA offer group memberships?

Yes, there are discounts available for companies with more than four members.  Details and pricing for these Group Memberships can be found here:  AMA Group Membership Application.

Or email membership@amacolumbus.org to discuss a group membership package.

4 Can I transfer my membership to a colleague?

No, AMA memberships are held by an individual and are non-transferable.

5 Can I transfer my AMA membership from one local chapter to another?

Yes, contact AMA Customer Service at 800-262-1150 and tell them the chapter to which you are transferring.

6 How do I change my badge or membership contact information?

Changes to your contact information (e.g. company, title, address, e-mail address, etc.) can be made in three ways.

  1. Log onto the AMA national website www.ama.org to make changes on-line.
  2. Send an email noting your changes to info@ama.org, including your first and last name, as well as the local chapter to which you belong.
  3. Contact AMA Support Center at 800-262-1150.
7 Does the AMA Columbus have a job board?

Yes, our job board lists positions in the central Ohio area. Members may post positions for free; non-members may post open positions for a small fee.

8 How can I learn about upcoming events?

Our primary mode of communication is through email. Sign up to receive emails about upcoming events at our website: https://amacolumbus.org/join-our-mailing-list/

9 Why am I not receiving emails?

To receive our emails put communications@amacolumbus.org into your address book, so that is it in your “safe sender” list.  Many companies block html messages from coming through a firewall. If your IT department is blocking our emails, ask them to allow in emails from “mailchimp.com” (IP

10 How can I get involved?

There are many opportunities to get involved in the Columbus Chapter. Visit our volunteer page, or contact volunteers@amacolumbus.org.

11 I would like to become a chapter sponsor, or to sponsor an event. Who do I talk to about this?

AMA Columbus has a wide variety of sponsorships available. For information about becoming a sponsor, please visit the sponsors page on the website. You may also email our VP, Sponsorship at sponsorship@amacolumbus.org

12 I want to offer my services to your organization (product, program, graphic design talents, digital services, etc.) – who do I talk to?

We are always looking for partnerships with local and national companies that will reduce the cost of operations, or add to our efforts of increasing member value. If your company has a program or service that falls into one of those categories, please reach out to our President at president@amacolumbus.org

13 How do I get on the board?

Board position are open to all members, typically a board member rises from a volunteer position into the chair that oversaw them. In certain cases a person may be nominated directly from the membership upon request. Ballots and solicitations for the upcoming board year (July – June) occur in the February.

14 Why is my name not on your membership roster?

If you are a new member, or have recently submitted contact information changes, we maybe waiting to  receive your information from nationals.  Recently expired memberships are removed from the roster.