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“I joined the Columbus AMA and volunteered on the communications committee to connect with marketing agencies and in-house marketing departments. From my first day as a volunteer, I made multiple connections that resulted in new projects and an agency partnership. There is no better place in Columbus to connect with marketers than the Columbus AMA.”

President, Buckeye Interactive

"As a young marketing professional, I was looking for an organization that would provide quality educational programs as well as provide an opportunity to get involved and build relationships with those in the industry. Becoming a member of AMA has proven to be very beneficial to me both personally and professionally. I have developed great friendships and have been inspired by a number of the speakers, in the short time that I have been a member."

Kaylah Dempsey
Marketing Coordinator, Big Lots

"The Columbus AMA has been extremely useful and helpful for me in staying connected to other marketing professionals, advancing my career, and staying up to date on marketing trends. The luncheons allow me to learn about new trends in marketing that continue to keep me informed for my job and personal interest. I love meeting new people and the variety of events offer continual networking opportunities. I've also found volunteering for the AMA to be fun and a great resume builder."

Jaimie Selwa