Raise Your Visibility: Three Tips to Get Your Business Noticed

Author Name: Jennifer Brown | Marketing Manager

As a marketing professional, one of the nicest compliments to hear is, “I see you guys everywhere!” The thing is, people aren’t seeing us everywhere, they see us where it matters, where it counts. We don’t have a huge marketing budget, but we’ve consistently applied ourselves to sharing our unique services to the right audiences.

It’s all about brand recognition and being sincere, selective and strategic in your marketing efforts. If your company doesn’t use traditional advertising, consider these alternatives:

Apply for corporate awards. Are you a fast-growing business? Minority-owned? Green? Focused on wellness? All of the above have local and national awards associated with them. With a little research, it’s easy to determine which are a fit. Check eligibility requirements, get references and financials lined up, write a compelling essay on why you are an expert in your field (or deserve a nomination) and hit submit. You never know unless you try, and third party recognition is a powerful way to distinguish your firm and showcase your strengths.

Winning an award or even being named a finalist is a great way to generate publicity and it doesn’t have to stop after receiving the congratulatory email or attending a ceremony. Write a press release about the award, announce it on social media, display the award in your office lobby, mention it in the signature line of your email. It’s nice to be honored for hard work and your audience just might remember you for it.

Sponsorships also help build our brand and keep us front of mind. Find an event that is lined up with your goals and initiatives. The beauty of sponsorships is the ability to target a niche market. Research the anticipated demographic, size of audience and level of exposure. Of course, look at the return on investment, however it’s important to keep in mind that it might not be immediate. Sponsoring a worthwhile event over and over will have a long term impact.

Consider both in-kind and financial donations. Set an objective and develop a strategy. Ask if you can have the industry exclusive. Is there an opportunity to keep your brand out there longer than the event itself? Promotional giveaways tailored to the event itself are a great way of accomplishing this. Don’t leave it solely to the organizing event to promote your involvement, mention your partnership on your own channels to fully leverage your involvement.

Lastly, consider philanthropic community outreach. It’s a unique way to tie marketing goals with the power of giving back. We love our community and want to see it grow and prosper. Additionally, our internal employees really stand behind and support philanthropic initiatives as it makes them feel connected as well.

Start by finding a non-profit that has a direct relation to what you do or sell. The opportunities to support the organization could include: Running a drive to collect items in need, providing silent auction items, offering pro-bono services, or donating time by volunteering. We’ve done all of the above, whether it was providing art supplies to a children’s hospital, or redesigning a non-profit brochure, it felt good to support a worthwhile cause and both parties benefitted.

Create a marketing plan to incorporate these three key strategies for increased brand awareness. Individually, or combined, they can be an important element in growing your overall business.

  • Debra Mathias
    May 20, 2014 at 10:42 am

    This is a great article. I learned new ways to get our business noticed and wouldn’t have thought of a creative way like philanthropic community outreach. Thanks for sharing.

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