The 2024-25 AMA Columbus Board was elected in March.

AMA Columbus Board Members Elected for 2024-25 Term

AMA members voted to approve the entire slate of candidates on its March ballot for the 2024-25 term of the AMA Columbus Board. The volunteers on the ballot are vetted and selected by the sitting board. The AMA is still seeking volunteers for a variety of board and committee positions.

Contact the current President of AMA Columbus, Jeremy King, at if you’re interested in volunteering.

AMA Columbus President Chris Alexis

The president is the chief executive officer of the chapter. As the chief executive officer of the chapter, the president is expected to perform all the duties specified by the constitution and bylaws or those approved by the board of directors.

AMA Columbus President-Elect Jessica Burchard

The president-elect assists the president in chapter management. The president-elect’s year is used to learn about the overall operation of the chapter and to begin planning for the presidency. The president-elect automatically becomes president at the end of the year following his/her election as president-elect.

AMA Columbus VP of Content and Communications Adam Townsend

The VP of content & communications is responsible for providing content and managing social media and email for the AMA Columbus. This VP works closely with other board members to manage the chapter voice and brand identity in all marketing and communications channels, including media outlets. The programs and initiatives undertaken by this position serve to maintain consistency of the chapter’s messaging and brand identity across all functions of the organization.

VP of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Nyesha Moore-Samad

The VP of DEI is involved in many aspects of board operations, including working with programming to help ensure speaker and topic diversity to help build relationships with members and potential-members of many different backgrounds. The VP of DEI also works with membership with the goal of promoting a chapter experience that is appealing and welcoming to a variety of backgrounds.

AMA Columbus currently has unfilled seats for the upcoming term for Board.

AMA Columbus is a volunteer-run organization. We value our members who give their time and talent to help us succeed. Volunteering with AMA Columbus adds value to your membership. Along with professional education, networking and discounts, your vital volunteer work can fill gaps in your resume with a tilted position in your field along with professional references.

The following positions are available:

  • VP of Membership
  • VP of Programming
  • VP of Sponsorship
  • VP of Technology
  • Communications Volunteers
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Volunteers/Committee Members
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