APRIL 30 AI Workshop: Customize ChatGPT for Marketing Tasks

AI can save us hours in marketing tasks, freeing up time for sales and strategizing. But we need to understand how to talk to AI to get the most out of it, and use it for things it’s good at.

Come together with fellow marketing and advertising professionals and finally brush up on the latest developments in AI 11:30-1 pm April 30 at Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Shepard Branch.

During this AI workshop luncheon, you’ll learn how to customize ChatGPT by collaborating with your colleagues to program it using natural language – anyone can do it!

  • Learn how LLMs work and what it means for search
  • Learn how to avoid AI-induced plagiarism and use generative AI ethically in deliverables
  • Leave equipped to build your own bot on the Chat GPT platform, and keep access to the one we make in session.
  • AI workshop tickets are $10 for members, $15 for non-members, $5 for students

During the process, you’ll learn about the basics of LLMs and how to talk to them effectively from AMA Communications VP Adam Townsend. He is the founder of the Columbus marketing firm Townsend Creative Imaging and The SkilletReport Columbus.

Adam Townsend worked on visioning and implementing AI projects using various LLMs for the SoCal staffing firm SkillsetGroup. He continues to use AI heavily for administrative and operational functions in his startup.

His background is as a marketing generalist, SEO and multimedia content producer. He also spent 11 years as a business and investigative reporter for news agencies throughout the US, including the OC Register, giving him a unique perspective on AI’s effect on the market.

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