AIM Awards Criteria

Awards Criteria

  • Top score in each subcategory will get a subcategory award.
  • Top three scores in each category will get the first, second & third place category awards.
  • First place winner in each category will compete for the Grand AIM Award.
  • Three overall student winners will be selected and honored.
  • First place winners and Grand AIM winners will have their work showcased during the AIM Awards event.

Judging Criteria

Categories 1-6 (exception noted in 4h. Search Engine Marketing)

Entries in categories 1-6 will be judged based on 6 elements with 100 potential points. An entry must earn at least 40 points to be eligible for an award.

1. Situation Analysis [15 points possible]

Define the situation, target market or audience, plus relevant factors or challenges.

2. Strategy Statement [15 points possible]

Define the strategy based on the situation analysis.

3. Objectives [15 points possible]

Define the objectives. Show how they support the strategy statement; must be specific, timely and measurable.

4. Creative Content [25 points possible]

Demonstrate work that is unique or innovative with high aesthetic value. Describe how content supports the strategy.

5. Results [20 points possible]

Share results that show objectives have been, or are being, achieved. Metrics are beneficial.

6. Overall Impression [10 points possible]

The judge may comment on the overall feel of the entry.

Scoring Guide for Categories 1-6

Excellent (80‐100 points): Exceptional Strategic Definition with Excellent Results and Creative Content

Good (40‐79 points):  Appropriate Strategic Definition with Effective Results and Creative Content

Fair (20‐39 points):  Deficient Strategic Definition with Fair Results and Creative Content

Problematic (0-19 points) – Deficient Strategic Definition with Poor Results and Creative Content